Support Piddington PLT’s Justice Projects

As part of Piddington PLT, our grads are allocated at least 20 hours to work on a justice project. This allows them to identify an issue they think is important that can make justice more accessible or promote the values of Piddington.

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In previous years these have taken the form of podcasts, interviews, research projects, essays and a whole lot more.

In 2021, some of our grads want to work closer with the profession on these projects. Below you will read overviews of the projects.

If you think you can help with any of these, please send an expression of interest to Provide a couple of lines on why you think you can help the grads with this project.

Directors duties for non-profits

Lawyers are often called in to lend their skills to community and non-profit groups.

Those responsibilities can be significant, and sometimes unexpected.

We are looking to speak to lawyers who can share their experiences on community and non-profit boards and the challenges that face practitioners.

Community legal education templates

Two grads will be assisting Circle Green Community Legal with the preparation of their community legal education projects.

This may include compiling information kits, conducting presentations, law reform submissions, research tasks and creating infographics for the website.

Assisting self-represented litigants

Here, three grads intend to create templates and information sheets to assist self-represented litigants in the areas of wills and estates, family law (specifically trial preparation), and criminal injury compensation.

The need for this project exists as a result of high numbers of CLC clients with minimal resources to provide full service to them all.

This project will be done in coordination with Albany CLC.

CLE for homeless people

Creating a video series for community legal education, two grads will focus on the relevant legal issues facing people who experience homelessness.

Conducted with Street Law, this project will also promote the work of the CLC, and is intended to give clients an understanding of their own rights.

A proposed video is on rights when being searched and detained.

Supporting clients with mental health issues

Two grads have noticed that lawyers struggle to communicate with clients with mental health issues. This can lead to several access to justice issues, including less time spent speaking with certain clients or a reluctance to have them engage in the first place.

This project aims to create a written resource to equip lawyers with the skills and confidence to communicate with these clients.

If you are interested in supporting any of these projects, please email with an outline of how you think you can help the grads.




Lawyers promoting collegiality, seeking access to justice.

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The Piddington Society

The Piddington Society

Lawyers promoting collegiality, seeking access to justice.

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